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Peles Castle Cultural Tour

Peles Castle Cultural Tour – visit one of the most famous castles in Romania

Let’s start with some history. Peles Castle Cultural Tour is the right day trip if you like history. We invite you to explore the Sinaia area of Romania. This area hides mysteries from Romania’s glory years.

In 1872, Sinaia was just a small mountain village. King Carol I bought 1,000 hectares of land there, right next to the monastery. The monarch wanted a secluded and peaceful place for his summer residence. In 1873, he brought in architects from Germany and Austria and took two years to develop the land.

„Let this castle be built and completed so that it may be the cradle of my dynasty, of the national dynasty,” declared an emotional Charles I on 10 August 1875, when work began. Together with his wife, Queen Elisabeth he laid the plaster on the foundation stone after the traditional three blows of the hammer.

Peles Castle Cultural TourThus began the history of this beautiful castle.

What does the Peles Castle Cultural Tour include?

The Peles Castle Cultural Tour includes a visit to this impressive castle which is now a museum. The castle receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Few know about the treasure buried here.

When he laid the foundation stone, Charles I buried several dozen gold coins here. In fact, the first Romanian coins, with his face on them. Later, in 1914, when the castle was completely finished, the line was drawn: 16 million gold lei were spent on building the estate.

The castle had very modern facilities for the era in which it was built. For example, the glass ceiling in the Hall of Honour was movable and could be operated electrically. In 1883, the castle became the first to have its own central heating system, and later, in 1900, a centralised dust extraction system was installed here, as well as an electric lift.

Can I visit with my family?

Of course you can! The Peles Castle Cultural Tour is specially designed for private groups. You can come with your family or friends. You can also travel on your own if this makes you feel more comfortable. Every tourist and traveller is unique, and we mould ourselves to your wishes, every time. Get in touch with us and find out what we can do for you to enjoy a well-deserved holiday!

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